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Culture, it’s the competitive advantage that differentiates great companies from good ones. (ft. Frank Ward, Founder, and CEO of Altered Image)

According to Frank Ward, President and CEO of Altered Image, an esteemed communication and production agency, culture is the competitive advantage that differentiates great companies from good ones. His company has been around for over 40 years, and he credits its longevity to a culture where his employees are encouraged to operate– not from a place of fear– but from a place of fun.

In this week’s episode of No More Bad Events, Frank talks about that and about how putting the right people, and enough of them, in place at an event is the solution for only the best events.

You can tune in here (Apple podcast link in comments) or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. #NoMoreBadEvents is produced and presented by eSpeakers, the premier full-service platform for event professionals. Thanks to Frank Ward for joining the conversation. And thanks to our amazing podcast host Scott Bloom.

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No More Bad Events: Science, Serotonin, and Saving the Hotel Industry (ft. Michael Dominguez, President & CEO of Associated Luxury Hotels International)

This episode features one of the top experts in the meetings industry. Not only is Michael Dominguez, CHSE, President & CEO of Associated Luxury Hotels International(ALHI) – a global sales organization known for its exclusive membership of the world’s most distinguished, independently operated, or owned hotels and resorts – but he’s a science guy. A self-proclaimed tech geek.
And he loves mixing science with human nature to create the best environments for mental acuity, alertness, and collaboration.
And in this episode of No More Bad Events, Michael shares with us some highly effective scientific-based tools that can make a better event; simply because the scientific effect will make people plugged in and feel good.
From how the use of the color and brightness of light in a meeting room suppresses or increases melatonin and serotonin. To how… serving Vitamin D enriched foods, replenishes and repairs… To how plants restore the air … it’s fun, fascinating, and phenomenal stuff.
You can tune in here or wherever you find your favorite podcasts (link below).
No More Bad Events is produced and presented by, the premier full-service platform for event organizers, and sponsored by ImpactEleven, a comprehensive speaker support service. Thanks to Michael Dominguez for joining the conversation and Scott Bloom for being the podcast host.
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No More Bad Events: Cruising with Carina Baur – Part 2

Last week, the long-awaited IMEX America show rolled into Las Vegas. And we got very lucky. We snagged Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX as our featured guest on No More Bad Events.

In this episode (Part II of a two-part podcast), Carina gives us more insight into what went into building the architecture for this award-winning show. From the overarching show concept… which was grounded in nature… to integrating gender-neutral devices… Carina waxes prolific on the myriad of micro-moments that were designed to provide experiences and inspiration for producing nothing but the best events.

The interview is followed by a bonus segment of IMEX attendee interviews that you won’t want to miss.

#NoMoreBadEvents is produced and presented by eSpeakers, the premier full-service platform for event organizers, and sponsored by ImpactEleven, a comprehensive speaker support service.

No More Bad Events: Cruising with Carina Baur – Part 1

The IMEX America conference is next week in Las Vegas. I’ll be there and will report back with some industry insights. But to get you started, in our latest episode of No More Bad Events, we had Carina Bauer join us, CEO of the IMEX Group, organizers of trade shows for the international business events industry.

And according to Carina, her sole purpose as CEO is to help clients and partners make more profitable connections and create even better events.

In this episode (Part I of a two-part podcast), Carina sets the stage for the conference by reviewing the impact that the pandemic had on IMEX… how IMEX evolved as the pandemic subsided… and how she feels that next week’s show will be like a special homecoming for people from around the world… and from every sector of the meetings industry.

It’s a great interview and a great setup for “Carina Bauer, Part II,” a post-IMEX program that will include a bonus segment of IMEX attendee interviews.

No More Bad events podcast has launched!

No More Bad Events, is a podcast that event organizers will find insightful, funny, and downright useful. Executing great events is complicated, stressful, and hard, so don’t miss this great free resource for meeting professionals, no matter your experience level or the number of events you’ve planned.

Our podcast host, Scott Bloom, interviews some of the top performers in the meetings game. Marquee names like On each episode, host Scott Bloom interviews top performers in the meetings game. Marquee names like Michael Cerbelli, Sherri Wiseman, Erica Spoor, Danene Dustin, Michael Dominguez, and Daileah El Grazzar join Scott for can’t-miss episodes.

What can you expect? Each episode provides key insights to ensure your next event is met with rave reviews and resounding success:

  • An inside look into the world of flawless event execution, from locking in tech vendors to booking high-impact speakers to ensuring the cocktail hour goes off without a hitch
  • Proven event planning strategies, inside secrets, non-traditional approaches, and must-have tactics as shared by legendary event organizers and contributors
  • Unique and compelling stories from the most captivating personalities in the meetings game

Check out our first episode here, and subscribe to No More Bad Events on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

News for speakers from IMEX 2021

We’re writing this as we wrap up a visit to the IMEX 2021 event in Las Vegas. If you’re not familiar with IMEX, it’s one of the largest conferences in the meetings industry. They call themselves “The heartbeat of the global business events community.” The attendees are primarily meeting planners and event organizers: the people who hire you. This year, there were 12,389 total participants from 150 countries.

We’ve been coming to IMEX for many years because we learn things about the meetings industry that we use to guide our own ship and that we use to help our friends who are speakers/trainers/coaches.

We took some notes on a few things we learned here that we think you’ll find helpful in making intentional plans for growing your business in 2022-23

Choosing the Best Virtual Event Software

Events have quickly taken themselves online as 2020 has brought on serious limitations when it comes to in-person gatherings. We all had to make these adjustments with little warning, which means that a lot of us went for the first virtual event software we could find.

Now that we’re a bit more settled in and better adjusted to this virtual world, we can take the time to evaluate software choices. Choosing the best virtual event software is a common problem many event planners have today.

6 Questions to Ask A Keynote Speaker Before A Next Virtual Event

Do you know the right questions to ask a keynote speaker before you book them?

As every event planner knows, the wrong keynote speaker can sink an otherwise impeccably executed virtual event

Picture this: Your theme is just right, the platform is on point, and your side presenters and events are on par with everything you want to achieve with your event. But at the moment when everyone takes a seat to watch the highlight of the whole event, the keynote speech, you find that your keynote speaker has the wrong tone and the message has fallen flat. And all your hard work will end on a sour note.

Ten Virtual Event Ideas to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

If you’re like every other event planner in the world right now, you’re scrambling to think of more and better virtual event ideas every day. Online event hosting has become the new normal, whether you were ready for it or not—COVID-19 has turned the events industry (along with pretty much every other industry in the world) on its head. So where have you landed?

Event planning is a competitive business. And every busy event planner knows, you have to stay ahead of the curve to keep landing those contracts. You are expected to knock every event out of the park with innovative new ideas and impressive results. And to do it all with lower and lower budgets.

Nine Tips To Promote Your Virtual Event Effectively

Do you know how to promote your virtual event? There are a few things that you have to do to make sure you draw the right audience. Here are nine of them.

How to promote your virtual event

If you’re like a lot of us in the event planning industry, you’ve had to do a lot of hustling in the last few months to quickly recalibrate your business model. You’ve had to remake yourself into a virtual event planner fast because if you didn’t you would sink. You’ve been learning new skills on the fly, and if you’ve been successful, you’ve been able to shift an existing event online or even launch some new ones.